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Try hard not to concentrate…

I’ve been having some success over the last few days with a new technique…perhaps more accurately a new lack-of-technique. I’ve always struggled with being too up tight in my art. I start off with a perfectly good sketch, then overwork … Continue reading

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Always the little stuff

*warning* Self-indulgent, depressive crap within. Only enter with proper protective clothing and eyewear.   Welcome to my emo side. I won’t post this stuff often, because in all honesty, who wants to read it, but those of you who have … Continue reading

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Velvet Assassin

TINaGB Presents:   Unfairly Maligned Game of the Day #1   Catchy title, eh? It’s a knack. You need something that you can hash-tag effectively.   Velvet Assassin.   Stealth games, really, are not a genre. What they are is … Continue reading

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