Like a grown-up.

The other day I got to pretend to be a grown-up. The long-suffering Mrs. Soz took me out to a swanky meal on Park Lane. It was the annual awards dinner for the IOP. I rented a nice dress, shaved my legs and got my hair done-up-nice, like.

I have never been so desperate to claim I as an artist rather than a scientist or engineer. There were SO MANY proper people there; Nobel Prize winning scientists and the great and the good from the world of British physics. I lost count of the splendid old wild-white-haired gents wearing medals of the Empire.

Anyway…waiting for Mrs. Soz to get out of the queue to pick up our coats at the end of the evening, I doodled this. I really wanted someone incredibly clever and important to ask what I was doing, but it wasn’t to be. Never mind…I still rather like the result!


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