Black Mitten and the Haunted Nuts: 3

Part 2

Inside that tent she found her contact, a Mr. Iain Alan Macadam, a small man with a pointed face, large ears and a suspiciously bushy ginger moustache. His quick, darting movements were enough to sorely tempt Kali to hunt him mercilessly, but she realised that she would never get her pay if she ate the contact.

“Ah-ha!” he said brightly and too loudly. “Miss. Kali, yes?”

Kali smiled her most winning smile and dipped a shallow bow. “That’s me, boss!”

“Good, oh good! I am glad to see you,” the little man gushed. “I’ve quite had enough of staying here with this ghost! I trust you have everything you need to exorcise the…apparition?”

Captain Kali had no idea what Mr. Macadam was talking about. “Of course,” she said. “I ALWAYS have everything I need.”

“Top show, top show. My employer is really very keen to take back tenancy of the property – VERY keen – but the spectre within the house has taken a special dislike to myself and my associates. Rest assured that if you can, as you indicate,
affect the dissolution of the spirit, then we will be most grateful. MOST grateful.”

Captain Kali did not like this man. He spoke in too many words and there were enough of them that she didn’t understand that he could have been slipping almost anything past her ears. She also didn’t understand why the ghost would
want exercising. Perhaps the problem was that the ghost had got rather fat and could no longer get through the door to leave.

Not to worry, however. She was Captain Kali – or soon would be – and if she knew one thing it was that nothing could hold any fear for a dread pirate Queen such a she!

She hitched up her sword-belt, screwed her hat onto the top of her head and swiped a bottle of rum as she swept out of the tent and strolled her most nonchalant stroll up to the door of the mansion.


Part 4

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