Dear diary,

So, yeah…it’s been a while. Rest assured that I haven’t forgotten you.

For those of you reading who don’t follow my humble Facebook rantings – and I guess that’s not a lot of you – it might be apposite to admit that Life dropped on me.

Not in any sort of apocalyptic manner. Nothing it¬†truly,¬†dreadfully wrong, it’s just that my good lady wife…well…my good lady wife doesn’t exist, more’s the pity and the slightly disreputable one with which I must work has managed to break herself into near-total immobility, although she did, at least, manage to wrestle a rather natty pair of bright red crutches from the NHS.

So my life has become a mop-capped drudgery of tea-making and…well…mostly tea-making. Dear Lord, but that woman drinks a LOT of tea.

Anyway, PerNoDraMo has, startlingly, continued reasonably well. I have missed a couple of days due to the requirements of being a Shiny Gorram’ Hero, but for the most part, I just haven’t had time, or presence of mind – and certainly not both at once – to update you lovely people. I will try to catch up, or at least post the pick, when I get to it.

Love & Huggles,


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