The Amazing BWNN #2

Page 1 took me rather a long time. No doubt, that’s due in large part to the fact that I had no idea how to start, but even so, it seemed like a lot of effort for a page which looks ok at best. Muse for page 2 found me when I was feeling significantly more lazy, so seated on the settee with a cuppa and my tablet, I simply began sketching. Hand-written place-holders for the text and a few pencil lines game me a layout. Then I set about populating it in a very simple, straightforward…and for want of a less wanky term…”organic” manner. I think it’s resulted in images that better fit the layout of the page and a less stilted overall flow.

I am aware, still, that I am struggling to distinguish the ‘now’ from action images from those which exist as flashback illustration for the text narration. There’s definitely room for more texture in the backgrounds too; a job which is difficult to do with the limited layer sets and tools available on my tablet.


While I’m about it, the tablet I use is a Samsung Note 10.1; a full sized tablet that is shipped with a fully integrated Wacom tablet stylus with excellent pressure sensitivity. Unlike other tablets, this allows a fairly natural art interface – rather like a small Cintiq – and I’ve found that I now do most of my layout, basic, or simple work directly on the tablet. No doubt the results could be bettered on a full Photoshop rig, but the convenience and ease of using the Note is unmatched. I expected it to be good and useful when I bought it, but it has massively surpassed my expectations and become amongst the most important pieces of art equipment I use.


Anyway; page 2…as always, comment and criticism heartily welcome!

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