Always the little stuff

*warning* Self-indulgent, depressive crap within. Only enter with proper protective clothing and eyewear.


Welcome to my emo side. I won’t post this stuff often, because in all honesty, who wants to read it, but those of you who have dealt with depression and anxiety will know that sometimes…it just needs to be got out of your head.

Big stuff is so easy to deal with. It sits in your brain demanding attention. It waves signs and shouts “YOU MUST DEAL WITH ME!” and so you do…because you must. That’s easy. It’s the little crap that always finally creeps up behind you and pokes you in the back. Today it was forgetting that pot-hole AGAIN *poke* It was seeing it too late AGAIN *poke* It was making a call on which side to steer to try to avoid hammering my suspension and making it wrong AGAIN *poke*

It’s the little stuff that you know proper people deal with effortlessly ALL THE TIME but you’re so busy dealing with the sign-waving behemoth of an issue that the little crap *poke* sneaks up *poke* and reminds you *poke* that you’re not really *poke* managing *poke* that *poke* well *poke*

My brain is a complete cunt.

Can I go home yet?

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4 Responses to Always the little stuff

  1. Tania says:

    I disagree with “proper people deal with effortlessly all the time”
    That’s what your brain coz your brain is currently being a sod from sodsville. It’s a cognitive distortion that other people cope when you’re not.
    In fact, you’re probably coping better than most simply by realising that your brain is being a sod right now and giving yourself a space in which to express it (so there! ;-p )
    Many hugs and given in person too! Xxxxxx

  2. Tania says:

    That’s because I’m right and you grumpily know it! Xxx

    • Soz says:

      I am far too grumpy and have known you for far too long ever to admit that you’re right. That way madness lies.

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