Hellooooo out there…

Yeah, so I’ve been a bit quiet for a while. Sorry about that. Things and all; you understand.

Anyway, since my last post I’ve been playing with the new style and become rather enthused. It seems I can create images rather speedily and although they might not be the greatest works of art imaginable, the facility to draw more quickly has made the notion of writing my own graphic novel…no, I can’t do it, it’s a comic book…the notion of creating my own comic book much more realistic.

However, I soon realised that in order to draw such a thing, I needed to get my chops up a little in the area of making humans look like humans. That’s where I’ve been; studying facial structure and refining my own take on technique so that I can have characters more anthropomorphic than teddy-bears and monkeys under towels.

So when you notice that there’s no picture of a face in the page 1 which I will post below, it’s only slightly because I wasn’t confident at the time…there’s actually a stylistic reason too…honest. Her face is front and center on page 2, I promise.

So – the question arises…how to publish? There’s the online-comic option, but honestly I don’t think that really suits the style, or my temperament. I will investigate the Comixology self-publishing thingy and maybe a short print run that I could try to flog at conventions and such…but that’s all a long way off. I need more than two pages before it becomes an issue.

So, anyway…here, for your delectation, is page 1. As ever, comment and criticism is welcome…and contracts, praise and offers of business advice.

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