The Comic with No Name issue 2!

So that was page 1. Not bad, if I do say so myself. I had drawn the art before I really got around to layout, which is why the bottom half is a bit funky, but that’s ok…I don’t think it’s been rendered unreadable.

Come time for page 2 and I have only pre-drawn a couple of panels, so I take the chance to do layout first. In my shiny new copy of Manga Studio 5, I set about putting the page together as a set of shapes to go with the dialogue that I had previously prepared and the general flow of the story I wanted to tell on that page.

Now, I could have simply continued to draw directly in MS5, but truth be told, I have got SO used to drawing directly on my Samsung Note 10.1 at a 1:1 hand/image ratio that I found it remarkably tricky to re-calibrate myself to working on a graphics tablet separate to my monitor. One more reason to save up for a Cintiq, but that’s some way in the future…either that or a lottery win…

Anyway, I exported the layout onto my Note and used that image to define the shapes of the frames that I needed to draw. Once they were finished, I bribed the magic network-gnomes and they allowed me to get the images back into MS5 and into the layout.

I played about a bit with the background. There’s a spare frame sitting behind the story which does nothing except not-being-blank. I tried it on page 1 and rather liked the effect, so I did it again on page 2, but this time I made it night-sky blue with a scattering of pale star-like splats to give the whole page a night-timey feel.

So here’s page 2. I’m quite excited, because page 3 should see the introduction of our hero!

As always, comment, criticism, praise, money, contracts and the patronage of eager old ladies welcome.

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