Who is that masked man?

Who is that masked man?

Not an unreasonable question. Truth is, I have no idea. He’s been following me for a while now and keeps waving a granary baguette at me in an unsettling manner.

In consideration of which, and to aid the identification of my delicious corpse should I be found beaten to death with a crusty French loaf, I’ll tell you a little about myself.

My name is Matthew, or Matt if you’re modern. I have been since the late seventies. I have large feet and big hair.

Having originally trained in mad-science with a side-line in evil-geniussery at Durham University, I then realised that I was a simple man and decided, instead, to pursue a career in hench-personing. I’ve been a mid-level hench-man and technical lackey at a death ray in South Oxfordshire for nearly nine years as of this writing.

Perhaps somewhat alarmingly, all of the that is true…for certain values of ‘true’.

I have been drawing and writing things for only a few years and it is a recent development that I might try to make something out of it. This humble blog represents my first tentative steps into the world of having my own web-site. Please be gentle and try not to scuff the paint…it’s new.

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